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Meraki MR12

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Meraki MR12

Ideal use cases
  • Small branches and low-density deployments
  • Remote employees (via built-in VPN capability)
Hardware features
  • Single-radio 802.11n, up to 300 Mbps
  • Gigabit uplink port , 10/100 Mbps accessory port

 802.3af PoE compatible, AC Adapter available

Cloud management
  • Network-wide visibility and control
  • Self-provisioning for rapid deployment
  • Automatic reporting
  • Seamless firmware updates
Enterprise security
  • 802.1X and native Active Directory integration
  • Air Marshal: real-time WIPS with forensics
  • Stateful Layer 3-7 firewall
  • Identity-based group policies
  • Built-in antivirus scan (NAC)
  • Teleworker VPN tunneling
Guest access
  • 1-click secure guest access
  • Guest isolation firewall
  • Customizable splash pages
RF optimization
  • Cloud based RF planning
  • Built in spectrum analysis
Layer 7 traffic shaping
  • Classifies hundreds of applications
  • Create per-application bandwidth limits
  • Prioritize productivity apps
  • Restrict recreational traffic
  • Self-configuring mesh
  • Extends coverage to hard-to-wire areas
  • Self-heals after cable or switch failures
Device management
  • Create device-specific firewall rules
  • Deploy applications and updates
  • Troubleshoot issues with built-in RDP

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