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Engenius EWS2910P

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Thiết bị Controller quản lý tập trung Engenius EWS2910P 

Tính năng chính của Engenius EWS2910P

• Manage and monitor up to 20 wireless APs

• Centralized management offers quick deployment, easy configuration, and real-time reporting

• Ideal WLAN solution for mid-to-large sized venues such as schools, hotels, warehouses and resorts

• Auto-discovery and provisioning for quickly scalable deployments

• Network Visibility by Topology, Floor Plan or Map Views

• PoE Gigabit Ethernet ports work as a power source to your APs

• Gigabit SFP slots for additional connectivity

• No AP license fees or subscription fees

• Innovative tehcnology at a lower total cost of ownership

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